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Car Engine Cookbook

The Guide to Cooking on Your Car Engine

Usually when people talk about fast food, they aren’t talking about how many miles per hour it was traveling on its way to being cooked!

Just in time for those Thanksgiving and Christmas road trips, here’s a handy guide on the art and science of cooking up a full meal on the manifold of an engine while in transit.

“What. The. Hell…” is probably what you’re thinking right now but people have been cooking under their car hood for at least 20 years, since that’s how long ago this book was first published. It’s safe and convenient!

Why spend money on drive-thru burgers when you can have a healthy meal ready to go when you pull into a rest area while making great time? Or if you’re headed to a house party that’s just across town then you can find a recipe that’ll be done in the time it takes to get over there. Tell ’em how you cooked it or don’t – it’s up to you!

Keep in mind that every dish is essentially steamed, so you’re not gonna be pulling a perfectly seared steak off your manifold or anything. But if some steamed veggies and a nice piece of fish sounds good to you then get ready to eat!

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