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KFC Romance Novel

KFC Romance Novel

Romance, escapism and fast food chicken collide in a wistful tale of one woman’s discovery of her own freedom to love… and to live…

This is marketing on a level unlike anything we’ve seen before, folks.

Forget product placement. Forget choosing one of hundreds (if not thousands) of daily requests for free food from social media teenagers and turning it into a massive viral nuggets campaign. Instead of finding a way to insert their brand into someone else’s story, KFC has written their own story, with Harland Sanders as the hero.

Clocking in at 96 digital pages, Tender Wings of Desire is a light read, what they call a novella. Oh, and it’s totally free on Amazon right now. Even if you have no intention of reading it, you should still hit the button and go check out the reviews. Puns are out of control…

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