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Stefon Prayer Candle

Stefon Prayer Candle

Praying to the same old saints that people have been praying to for hundreds of years doesn’t really make sense. What do you think St. Thomas knows about getting you in to New York’s hottest club or making sure DJ Baby Bok Choy namedrops you in his next set?

Yeah, nothing! *snap snap snap*

Light a candle and pray to a saint who is no longer with us but lived in more recent times, Weekend Update’s City Correspondent, Stefon. He understands your needs. If you want to check out NYC’s club scene, that is.

Need to find the place that has everything? Pray to Stefon. Need your boss to understand that you hit it hard the night before and just need a a day off to stay home and binge watch Boston Legal? You might as well light a candle and pray to Saint Stefon because it’ll do just as much good as anything else!

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