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Star Wars OST Picture Disc LPs

Star Wars OST Picture Disc LPs

Hear (and see) the score from A New Hope like never before on this beautiful picture disc vinyl rerelease!

John William’s original score for the original Star Wars film is among the most widely recognized and beloved music in human history. (That’s actually pretty crazy, if you think about it, but still quite true!)

Those sweeping arrangements and larger-than-life melodies are a spectacle unto themselves. You could do much worse for background music to an epic day of playing video games, to say the least.

This edition is about more than the music on the wax, though. Just look at those records!

Each side of this double-disc set features imagery from the film, including a Death Star graphic that you’ve gotta wonder why it took so long for them to think of using on a product like this, considering there were literally Star Wars bags of oranges in grocery stores when The Force Awakens came out…

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