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Teabaggin’ mug

Teabaggin' mug

Here’s one for all you teabaggers out there!

The waiting is the hardest part. You can see it on the little teacup’s face. He’s been patiently waiting 3-5 minutes to steep the perfect brew before he could get to the best part: plopping his little teabag out right onto that dirty saucer’s face.

You may think the saucer doesn’t want it but that’s all part of the roleplaying. The saucer wants it. It’s a saucy little saucer. “Oh, no, Mr. Teacup! Please don’t teabag me for the 942nd time!” Meanwhile, Mr. Teacup doesn’t even have arms! He’s got to make this whole thing happen using only teeth. That’s dedication.

This design is available on all sorts of other things – pillows, gift cards, t shirts – but we chose the mug, for what should be obvious reasons. The mug is available in two sizes: 11oz. and 15oz. If you get the 15, you might even be able to double bag it!

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