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Anti-Gravity Phone Case

Anti-Gravity Phone Case

Throw your selfie stick in the trash where it belongs – the future is now!

Hands-free, stable elevation of your phone is now as simple as taking it out of your pocket and placing it on a flat surface. That’s it! No adhesives, no magnets, just nano-suction technology that holds your phone to smooth surfaces, like glass, mirrors, dry erase boards, metal, wood, tile…

Recording selfie vids, checking a recipe while cooking, taking group photos, watching Game of Thrones while getting ready to go out (so your awful friends can’t spoil it for you) – there are thousands of uses for this technology and it’s finally here!

You could click the “I WANT IT” button to visit Amazon but they’re totally sold out of these cases right now and Mega Tiny Corp has given us a mega huge discount code for 20% Off any cases purchased directly from their site between now and Father’s Day! You know this case would make a great gift for Dad, so use the code ‘MEGADRUNK’ to pick up a case today:

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