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Secret Message Pens

Secret Message Pens

How many of you were certain you’d grow up to be a spy?

We can’t turn you into James Bond or anything but we can show you this sweet set of secret message pens!

Everyone knows you can write a secret message with lemon juice. But then it has to be heated with a flame and the secret message stays exposed after it’s been heated. This isn’t ideal. You want a message that stays hidden at all times except for when being read by the person who knows to look for it.

So how do these pens work?

Well, we normally wouldn’t tell you because that exposes the secret but since you can find out by just clicking the link: there’s a little UV light hidden in the cap of each pen. As long as you have a way to let the person with the other pen know there’s a secret message, all they have to do is click on the light to read it.

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