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Blueberry Pie Oreos

Blueberry Pie Oreos

OREO recently began putting out some pretty crazy limited edition flavors and, if you haven’t tried any of them then drunkMall recommends testing the waters with the blueberry pie flavor.

We found these while hunting down items for our Japanese Candy Gift Guide. It turns out that OREO has been making blueberry flavor for Japan for a while now. They’re a big hit over there and you can’t get them in America. (As usual, we don’t get the adventurous treats.)

This blueberry pie flavor must have market tested better in The States than regular blueberry because that’s what they’re trying out on us now.

Don’t mess this up for everyone, Yanks!

We all need to make these things successful so OREO will keep giving us fun flavors and other treat makers will follow suit!

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