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Glow in the Dark Space Panties

Glow in the Dark Space Panties

To boldly go where no man has gone before, right?

Okay maybe not but lovers of outer space (and inner space) will enjoy these super cute briefs with a glow in the dark starscape printed all over the front and back!

Listen, cute panties are just as much a part of the seduction cycle as any method of flirtation, cosmetics use or courtship behavior. Why do you think Victoria’s Secret is such a successful business? Everyone knows that first time of seeing your undergarments (a.k.a. what lies beneath) can and does affect everything that happens in the sexual relationship from that moment forward.

However, nobody said that has to mean frilly lace and butt floss panties. If that’s not you, that just isn’t you. Don’t try to be something you’re not. Hell, a lot of people would much rather chill with someone who likes thinking about outer space than some who cares about the most fashionable thong of the year…

Let ’em know they’re in uncharted territory as soon as the lights go down!

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