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Drinking and Drawing Activity Book

Drinking and Drawing Activity Book

Drinking and Drawing is WAY BETTER than a lot of other words that could go in the blank after Drinking and _____.

Shit, it’s probably even the best word that can go in that blank that stars with the letter “d.”

Drinking and Driving?

Obviously a terrible idea.

Drinking and Dancing?

Oh, yeah. Sure. Get after it, Mr. Saturday Night Fever. Don’t send us the hospital bill.

Yeah, drinking and drawing is what you want to do if you’re one of those “activity” type of drunks. (You know the ones. Let’s get drunk and do this or that, etc. Can’t just have some drinks and watch TV like a normal person.)

Color Me Drunk is an adult activity book specifically for children ages 21 and up. 128 pages of alcohol fueled fun – and the beer goggles are included!

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