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Dali Wristwatch

Dali Wristwatch

It doesn’t get any more surreal than the master himself, Salvador Dalí!

Look, Art History majors – keep it to yourselves. Yeah, there’s more to Surrealism than Dalí and they even formally kicked him out of the club but there’s no denying the man was a singular talent.

Actually, we’re willing to admit that there may be a possibility that Dalí was an alien, therefore not really a man. But everything else we just said is gospel.

Dalí’s art transcends the world of art. His art even transcends painting because really his entire life was lived as an art form!

We could talk about him all day. But let’s talk about this watch instead!

It’s a wristwatch with Dalí’s face on it and the sides of his signature mustache twirl around the watch to keep time for you! (Check out the GIF at the link to see it in action.)

There’s also a little ant that runs around as a second hand.

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