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Carolina Reaper Pepper Grinder

Carolina Reaper Pepper Grinder

This. Is. Not. A. Toy.

The only people who should even be considering this as a purchase are those of you with iron guts and Teflon assholes.

You know, the kind of person that automatically orders the most extreme level of heat on the menu at any chicken wing place and tells the server to make sure and tell the cook to go fuck himself before making his order?

Yeah, that’s the person who is qualified to own this item.

You’re looking at one ounce of dried Carolina Reaper flakes in a pepper grinder. (That’s the hottest pepper on the planet, for those of you keeping score.) Keep this thing around for those times when you’ve just got to annihilate the inside of your body with capsaicin.

Watch out for pepper dust particles floating in the air while you grind!

Breathing that stuff in is the opposite of awesome…

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