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Bourbon Lollipops

Bourbon Lollipops

Bourbon is so delicious that someone went and made lollipops that taste like it!

Keep these suckers away from the kids, though. They’re non-alcoholic but think about it – do you really want to get a child hooked on the flavor of bourbon way before they even find out the magical liquid that flavor comes from also gets you drunk?

No. That’s a bad idea.

But for all of us who’ve already entered into a love affair with whiskey, bourbon-flavored lollipops are like a gift from the gods.¬†While it is awesome that bourbon gets you drunk, the taste is wonderful all on its own and here’s the proof!

It’s like a neat pour on a stick for your tastebuds’ pleasure!

Candy fiends and whiskey aficionados need to stock up on this candy now – who knows how long supplies may last?

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