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Miracle Berry Tablets

Miracle Berry Tablets

Since at least the 1700s, the locals of West Africa have been chewing Miracle Fruit before meals to give otherwise dull foods a sweet flavor. And we’re not talking, like, there’s a high natural sugar content in this plant and if you mix it with other food the sugar makes it sweeter.


The active ingredient (called “miraculin,” of course) isn’t even sweet by itself. But exposing your taste buds to it will cause acidic and sour foods to taste sweet for fifteen minutes up to two hours, depending on the individual. Again, it’s difficult to explain exactly how much of a transformation takes place in your mouth…

You can do a shot of straight lemon juice or apple cider vinegar and it will taste like lemonade or apple juice.

Mberry tablets are 100% natural and safe for science experiments with children ages five and older. Each package comes with ten tablets.

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