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Chewbacca Hoodie

Chewbacca Hoodie

Being a wookie has its pros and cons.

Not everyone can understand the things you say, for one thing. That’s gotta get annoying.

Say what you will about wookies but old Chewbacca probably makes it through the winter just fine, you know. All that fur comes in handy when the temps get low.

So strap yourself into this Chewie hoodie and let the warmth of the wookie envelop you!

The brown hoodie zips up in the middle and features a design of Chewbacca’s signature, uh, shoulder belt thingy. (Actually, what the hell is that thing?) The texture of the hoodie’s exterior is definitely what one would call “furry” and there is a pocket on either side of the jacket.

This is a great gift for Star Wars fans of all ages and a fun way to keep warm!

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