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Bacon Scarf

Bacon Scarf

It’s hard to rock a scarf without looking like Steven Tyler a.k.a. classic rock’s most fashionable grandma.

But not when it’s a bacon scarf!

Never fear, it isn’t a scarf made from real bacon.

It’s only a scarf printed to look like a giant piece of bacon wrapped around your neck!

Made from acrylic and measuring in at around 4′ 5″ long, this is plenty of bacon scarf to bring in to your life.

Let’s get real for a second, scarves don’t really keep anyone that warm. There’s never been an instance where a person said, “Yeah, if it wasn’t for that scarf then I’d surely have frozen to death!”

In addition to accessorizing purposes, the practical benefit of wearing a scarf is more about the idea of keeping yourself warm. Since we’re letting our imagination do all the work here, why not give it some help by imagining it’s a toasty warm piece of bacon we’re wrapped up in?!

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