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Liquid Fudges

Liquid Fudges

Chocolate addicts have a new reason to zombie walk to the kitchen for a fix!

These packs of liquid fudge are simply wicked…

You get six packets in every order and each single-serve packet is a different decadent flavor of cocoa indulgence. There’s a classic chocolate flavor, as well as complex mixes of orange, mint, salted caramel and other fantastic combinations.

Suitable for drizzling over ice cream or stirring into milk (the creamy liquid won’t clump like powders) – and if you wanted to pour it directly into your mouth just because it’s been that kind of day, hey, you’re an adult and you didn’t get the idea to do that from us.

Bonus Tip: you can also heat this stuff up – you know, like hot fudge. Make sure you’re enjoying this option somewhere you can get away with making pornographic sounds with your face.

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