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Bourbon Barrel Aged Bacon Roses

Bourbon Barrel Aged Bacon Roses

Flowers, jewelry, kale shakes…

Those kinds of gifts only work on a certain type of person. The rest of us are typically classified as “difficult to shop for” but that’s not really true. We just like different things, like avoiding bachelorette parties, single-malt scotch and specialty cured meats. has it all figured out. Rather than boxes of chocolate, they deliver boxes of Kurobuta pork belly bacon rolled into exquisite “rose buds” of flavor and texture. But it doesn’t stop there. Pork purists can stick with the classic bacon buds, while those with a more experimental palette can explore whole new realms of meatopia: pumpkin bacon, white chocolate bacon, dark chocolate bacon, s’mores bacon… (Anyone else getting Forrest Gump flashbacks?)

Our favorite? The Barrel Aged Collection. That’s Kurobuta bacon, cured in top-shelf bourbon for a week, then glazed with a hint of vanilla. Yeah, that’s real.

Any of the BaconBoxes collections are available in various sizes, from small boxes of four buds all the way up to a huge 49-count box!

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