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Pizza Night Light

Pizza Night Light

Worried about the monster in your closet?

Like so many other problems in life, pizza may be the solution!

This magnificent night light is made to resemble a tiny piece of cheese pizza resting atop a plain white paper plate, which everyone knows is how the best slices are always served.

Recommended for children afraid of aforementioned monsters, as well as adults afraid of aforementioned monsters and just anyone who generally likes pizza (which should be about all of you) and would like to influence their nighttime thoughts with a luminescent reminder of at least one wonderful thing in this life of horror.

It’s not a motion-activated light, so you will need to switch it on and off. It might be best to keep this thing in the bathroom, if you need a totally dark room to sleep well. Then again, it might be a bad idea to keep this thing in the bathroom if your nighttime visits to the toilet are easily diverted in to


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