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DDP Yoga for Regular Guys (and Girls)

DDP Yoga for Regular Guys (and Girls)

Foreword by Rob Zombie?! Oh, you know this has gotta be good!

But really, staying flexible is important. None of us are getting any younger. You may feel invincible now but after ten more years of taking Life’s literal and metaphorical folding chairs directly to the face… It could be a different story!

This is today’s Singles Awareness Day item because the only way you’re going to stay independent into your twilight years is if you can take care of yourself.

Diamond Dallas Page has done massive amounts of damage to his body. He’s been knocked around so much his face probably has more callouses than the bottoms of your feet… To stay up on his fitness game despite all those physical handicaps, he developed his own system of yoga. People from all walks of life are into it. We heard our boy Ralphie May even gets down on some DDP Yoga!

Even if you think you’re a hopeless cause, DDP Yoga might be just the thing for you!

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