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Brass Balls Door Knocker

Brass Balls Door Knocker

You’ve got to have some pretty big balls to put this knocker on your front door!

Keep solicitors at bay by making sure they know exactly who they’re dealing with before they even get around to knocking on the door.

This thing weighs over two pounds because it’s made out of brass. The bronzed finish gives it a classy look, considering we’re talking about a door knocker that looks like a muscular guy reclining with his elephantine balls hanging out all over the place…

The price tag on this Doorballs product is a little high but, let’s be honest, you aren’t putting this on the front door to your apartment. This is an item for people who live in a house and it would probably be best if that’s a house in an area where it would be difficult for hooligans to steal your hilarious naked man door knocker.

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