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Pacifier with Teeth

Pacifier with Teeth

Is this a thing?

Like, are parents buying pacifiers like this and having their babies use them to freak out strangers in public or what?

Because in The ’80s and ’90s, when everyone stated going to raves and doing first generation EDM drugs, adults sucking on pacifiers was totally a thing. (If you weren’t there, watch the movie Party Monster. It was kind of like that.) This pacifier would make sense as a fashion/rave thing.

As an actual pacifier for little babies, this is pretty damn weird. Are people out here trying to raise the next generation of killer clowns? Can someone find out if there’s a hashtag for pictures of babies with teeth pacifiers? We couldn’t find any photos of one in use but know it’s pretty much all we can think about.

This is almost definitely going to be in someone’s nightmares tonight…

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