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Caffeinated Hot Chocolate from Buzz Cocoa

Caffeinated Hot Chocolate from Buzz Cocoa

Is coffee’s reign over the mornings of caffeine addicts in danger?

Nah, probably not.

But caffeinated hot chocolate is a game changer, make no mistake. It’s hard to believe for those of us in the death grip of latte addiction but there are millions of people out there who’ve never developed a taste for coffee. Based on the success of Starbucks, even most of the people who think they like coffee can only get it down if it’s been pumped full of sugar, syrups and cream.

Trim the fat out of your morning fix with caffeinated hot chocolate! According to Buzz Cocoa’s math, each serving is just 75 cents and contains “minimal” sugar. (You can add more sugar, if you want. We obviously recommend cereal marshmallows for that job!)


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