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Life Manual for Adults

Life Manual for Adults

Think about this: How much older than you are right now were your parents when they had you? It’s probably not that much of an age gap, if there is one at all. Okay, now ask yourself if you’re going to “have it all figured out” by the time that gap is closed.

See, it’s weird because small children tend to believe their parents have all the answers. Obviously, the reality is that nobody has all the answers but there are definitely some answers that every adult should have. Like, how to change a car tire or prepare for a job interview. These things are going to come up in life at some point and if nobody taught you what to do, well, it could be bad…

It’s time to grow the fuck up. That’s why John Kyle wrote a book called Grow the F*ck Up with 40 (humorous) step-by-step guides for situations adults need to be able to navigate.

Grab a copy (or five) now!

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