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Pro Level Travel Pillow

Pro Level Travel Pillow

Sleep is the best thing ever.

It’s better than sex, drugs, any form of entertainment, anything!

Think about it.

You can be in an airport, in a car, on a bus, surrounded by annoying people, and if you manage to fall asleep then all of that bullshit just falls away and you get to visit some magical pretend time place for a while!

The only catch is that you have to get your brain to flip that mysterious switch to send you on your inner vacation to slumberland.

Can this pillow get the job done? Is it worth looking ridiculous in public to get some sleep?

Well, if you’re asking us then the answer is yes.

The theory here is that the inflatable pillow lets you support your head while putting your hands in a comforting inner area (that helps you feel safe or something). There’s a breathing channel so you aren’t just jamming your face into a solid surface to block out the light.

Get some earplugs and you’re ready to go!

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