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Reserved Pool Towel

Reserved Pool Towel

Stake out some poolside property for yourself with a RESERVED beach towel!

You know how it is when you hit up the pool at some swanky Las Vegas casino or Bahamas resort…

They’ve got those attendants in the white khaki shorts and white polo shirts. You’d think these people get taken in a back room and electrocuted with a car battery if they let a towel stay on an unattended chair for longer than 10 minutes. When you come back from being in the water for a while, that towel you had is gone and someone else is on your deck chair.

You’ll never get ahead in the game while you’re playing by the same rules as everyone else!

Reach into life’s special bag of tricks and come out ready to rock by bringing your own towel with you! It says right there that the chair is RESERVED so everyone will know not to mess with it.

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