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The Bro-job short story

The Bro-job short story

Okay, so nobody at drunkMall HQ remembers finding this – or at least nobody wants to admit to finding it. Yet here it is, in all its red, white & blue glory: The Bro-job!

Gotta be honest, the lack of correct capitalization rubs us a little raw but sometimes we’re super anal about things like that…

All implied philosophical arguments aside, The Bro-job: It’s only gay if you think it is seems to be about a couple of buddies, hard up for human affection, discovering how easy it is to lend each other a hand (and, presumably, at least one mouth). Maybe they played a couple rounds of Spin the Shot before the events of the story unfold?

Coc- Er, clocking in at just 15 pages, the action must move at a fairly brisk pace

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