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Hot Dog Toaster

Hot Dog Toaster

Make having hot dogs at home just as convenient as it is to have hot dogs anywhere else!

[WARNING: if eating hot dogs is not something you should be doing for any reason at all, stop reading this post right now. Perhaps we can interest you in the sports and fitness tag of the website?]

It’s weird how easy it is to get a hot dog anywhere in public where it’s even an option.

Gas station?

Ready to eat.

Literally any event in a stadium?

It would almost be a crime if you didn’t have a hot dog. Some random saint of a person will probably even bring it right to where you’re sitting if you just hang out there for 30 minutes.

Want a hot dog at home?

Well, you’re gonna need to fire up the grill or fill up a pot with water and wait for that shit to boil and blah blah blah…

Not anymore!

Now having a couple dogs is as easy as making your morning toast!

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