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Bear Timers

Bear Timers

Do burned cupcakes taste like bear’s shit you found in the woods?

Yes, they do.

Listen, we all know everyone who clicked on this post has a Pinterest addiction. (And you should 100% share it to your boards.) How many hours do you spend browsing your feed every week? Looking at cute stuff to wear, lovely foods to prepare and, let’s be honest, pictures of your favorite male celebrities with their shirts off and their hair wet…

That’s a lot of time out of your life.

When you find a recipe that you decide to make, that’s gonna take some more time out of your life. Fucking up that recipe by not using a timer like you know you should, well, that turns all the time you’ve spent getting to that point in to a great big waste of time.

These cute little bear timers are great for the kitchen. They’re also inexpensive enough and available in enough various colors that you can leave them around the house for other purposes, like a timer in the bathroom for when you do face masks or dye your hair!

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