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Bloody Bats Decal Clock

Bloody Bats Decal Clock

What if you could stop there even though it is Bat Country?

Get that magical feeling of releasing a horde of bats every time you glance at the clock. (You know, the “release the bats” feeling? You don’t? Oh, you gotta have the feeling! It’s a really good feeling. The best feeling.)

This is actually a huge decal (which is a fancy word for “sticker”) of the dripping blood and flying bats design with a small unit that runs the arms of the clock. That means, yeah, you need to know exactly where you want this to go before you put it up. (It also means you can cut off the company logo in the corner if you don’t like it.)

We chose pink because that seemed funny but you can grab one of these clocks in a whole bunch of other colors – so grab the one you want and goth up your domicile!

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