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No Ragrets Temporary Tattoo

No Ragrets Temporary Tattoo

Bad tattoos are a thing, naturally.

But another thing that’s a thing is irony and it could quite possibly lead one to make an even worse mistake than getting a bad tattoo.

For example, let’s assume you’re a hipster and you think everything that is clearly bad (shitty radio rock, piss warm budget brands of beer, mullets, etc.) is so hilarious that it therefore is good and so you do it. Now you, being this certain type of smartass/dumbass, might take the thought into your head that it would be just a laugh riot to go get a bad tattoo on purpose.

Here’s the thing.

Evolution is real. People who come by awful tattoos naturally life the kind of life where that’s just part of their culture. When you try and cross the streams by branding yourself as something that you aren’t, there can be consequences that you never expected.

But, hey, don’t take our word for it.

Pick up some of these NO RAGRETS tattoos and throw one in a highly visible part of your body. See how your life goes that week. Don’t tell the cops we gave you the idea.

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