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MindTrap Brain Game

MindTrap Brain Game

Do some brain stretches…

We’re about to see how the gears of your mind function when the engine’s running at top speed, baby!

There’s a reason this game has been around for 20 years – people like it. MindTrap isn’t really a board game because there’s no board. It’s just cards and a spinner.

But it’s a lot of cards…

This box contains that spinner, as well as 96 cards in each of the four categories of brain teaser plus the instructions you’ll need to learn how to use the spinner and how to keep score.

They’ve rated it for ages 12 and up but there’s also a note that say some subjects on the cards might be unsuitable for kids, since it’s a game made for adults.

Or you can have a couple of beers before playing if you want to test how smart you are when buzzed.

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