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kGoal: Male Kegels tech

kGoal: Male Kegels tech

Right off the bat, nothing written on this website should ever be viewed or acted upon as sound medical advice. If there’s any confusion about that, it should be cleared up when we end this sentence by saying that squeezing your asshole muscles frequently can help you cum better so you should do it because that’s fun.

Women have been hip (Get it? Because pelvis is another word for… Ah, fuck it.) to kegel exercises for a very long time and men are finally starting to catch on to the benefits. Although, to be fair, we should clarify that this pertains only to Western culture because The East has been systematically clenching and unclenching their b-holes since, like, forever ago.

We featured a kegel wearable (insertable?) for women a while back, so it’s only far that we post the latest in male kegel tech, as well. There are many more benefits to kegels than the one we listed up top, by the way.

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