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Centipede Mini Arcade

Centipede Mini Arcade

When was the last time you found a good Centipede arcade machine?

Oh, sure. You can find one. But the joystick’s gonna be wonky – moving your guy in one direction will be way faster than moving it in the other direction, etc. Or if the joystick’s fine the “fire” button will stick or refuse to register every time you tap it down.

The classic video games are classic for a reason but playing them on a rundown antique of a machine is not the way they were meant to be played. And you probably don’t have the money or space to buy your own mint condition arcade cabinet.

But you can easily afford this miniature Centipede arcade game!

The entire unit is just under six inches tall. It’s powered by two AA batteries and there’s an easy on/off button to help you save battery life, plus a button to shut off the sounds if you’re playing in public and don’t want to annoy everyone.

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