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Wine Sippy Cup

Wine Sippy Cup

Toddlers need sippy cups so they don’t spill their grape juice everywhere.

Drunk adults are a lot like toddlers, so guess what?

Adult sippy cups!

So you’ve graduated to wine (a.k.a. adult grape juice) and think you’re pretty sophisticated, huh?

Well, news flash: downing a bottle of pinot on your own is a surefire way to impair those motor skills enough to cause embarrassing spills from clumsiness. And if you’re drinking with others then the odds of a spill happening depend on how much everyone else in the room has had to drink. You ready to risk your clothes or carpet or furniture on that?

Of course not!

The next #WineNight you have planned, break out the wine glass sippy cups!

With a standard wine glass shape molded in to the interior of a tall drinking cup, you can keep up appearances while knowing the plastic lid greatly reduces the potential for stains from any mishaps!

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