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Flying Karate Kick Pin

Flying Karate Kick Pin

What a kickass pin!

The old school cartoon look is perfect for the attitude of this flying karate kick man!

And unlike all those SOFT enamel pins that everyone is selling these days, this champion is made of HARD enamel! Just like they used to make them in the old days, when men were men and Chuck Norris made movies for those men and men never cried no matter how many beloved sidekicks died unfair deaths…

Hard enamel is better than soft because its tougher (duh) and more resistant to chipping and wear and tear.

This is a pin that you or your martial arts loving friend can keep around for a long time to come.

But remember, the first step to winning any fight is not getting into any fight. And your mind is your most powerful weapon. And always wax off after waxing on.

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