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Sex Panther t-shirt

Sex Panther t-shirt

Highly recommended for fans of the Anchorman film franchise, as well as mathematicians and statisticians everywhere, it’s the officially licensed Sex Panther t-shirt!

Carefully distressed, to give it that, “Look, baby, I’ve been a sex panther for a while now. This ain’t my first trip to the meat market, all right? This kitty cat ain’t got no new tricks to learn, ya feel me, sugarpuss?” appearance that’s all the rage on the dating scene nowadays.

You can also buy the Sex Panther cologne from the movie but be sure to put WAY TOO MUCH OF IT ON if you’re trying to stay true to the Ron Burgundy lifestyle. If you’re trying to get laid, though, or even have people want to talk to you, probably just do a couple little dabs of it.

It’s mighty powerful mojo, you know!

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