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Wall Safe Dial Kitchen Timer

Wall Safe Dial Kitchen Timer

Time waits for no man, especially in the kitchen!

Mere moments can be the difference between a great home-cooked meal and a surprise pizza delivery night. In these distraction filled days of social media updates and smartphone notifications, a good kitchen timer is more crucial than ever while whipping up a meal.

What’s a good kitchen timer?

Well, obviously it needs to keep accurate time but, seriously, if a kitchen timer can’t do that then it probably isn’t even on the market.

A good kitchen timer is one that you remember to use.

Think about it. Your microwave has a timer on it and your oven probably does as well. How often do you remember to set those timers though? Or, more importantly, how often do you forget?

So, you see, it’s necessary to have a kitchen timer that’s both fun to use and located in a very visible place.

That’s why this timer that looks like the dial on a wall safe is so perfect. The back of it is magnetic, so you can slap it on the fridge (or any other suitable surface) and just dial up the time you need to keep. The “ding” when the time is up is quite loud, you should know.

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