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Pizza Slice Pool Float

Pizza Slice Pool Float

Waste a warm day away, floating on a slice of pizza perfection at the pool!

Old school pool floats with a rectangular body are ridiculous. The shape makes them way too difficult to get on top of and way too easy to flip over. Maybe it’s some hidden secret message of nature that the V-shape of a piece of pizza is better suited to the frame of a human body?

Maybe not.

In any case, the shape of this float makes for a sturdier raft and gives you the ability to spread your arms out a bit up top! You can even fit two people on it, if you don’t surpass the weight capacity.

Look closely and you’ll notice there areĀ two cupholders around where your hips will be when laying on the float. Grab two of whatever you’re drinking and get comfortable – this day’s gonna take a nice, long while…

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