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Beer Shirt

Beer Shirt

If you aren’t half full of beer and hanging out in a sleeveless shirt at least one day a week then you’re doing summer all wrong.

None of that “craft” beer bullshit, either.

This is America.

You show up to the party with two cases of beer and it better be domestic beer, too. Because when you show up to the party with some fancypants beer then it makes everyone feel weird when they open one of the coolers. Grab a beer and drink it is pretty standard policy but when someone puts some classy bullshit in there with the rest of it then it just fucks everything up. You don’t want them to come back and find their special beers gone and look around to see you holding one of them.

Recap: bring regular beer.

Oh, also, buy this shirt. It’s a sleeveless tank with a graphic that makes it look like you’re full of beer!

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