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Calvin and Hobbes TARDIS pillow

Calvin and Hobbes TARDIS pillow

Everybody’s favorite comic strip duo made a TARDIS!

Calvin and Hobbes always did tackle the deep metaphysical issues. More often than not, the answer was to be found inside a cardboard box and a liberal application of imagination. That’s how they got all the way to Mars! And, yeah, they traveled through time a time or two.

So it only makes sense that Calvin and his feline friend for life would eventually get around to making a TARDIS, right? Look, we’ll be honest – nobody at drunkMall watches Dr. Who so we honestly don’t know what a TARDIS is or does but we get the idea it’s some sort of intergalactic time machine-type thing.

This is a great pillow to have around because if a Whovian (That’s right, right?) comes over, they’ll be stoked that you like the show, too. Probably most of the people who come over will be clueless like us but everybody knows Calvin and Hobbes!

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