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Useless Box Machine

Useless Box Machine

You’ve probably already got a lot of useless boxes in your house but at least this one isn’t lying to you by pretending to have some other purpose.

Also, it’s pretty entertaining, if you’re easily entertained.

These “useless machine” kits have been doing pretty well online the past few years. Every now and then someone will build a crazy one with 35 switches or grab a perfect video of their cat learning to use the machine (and presumably incorporate it into the secret feline plan for world domination).

You know, internet stuff.

Anyway, this is the first ready-to-use useless box that we’ve seen hit the market. We know how much y’all hate doing stuff, so we found someone who already did the stuff for you!

What you get with your order is a useless box.

It has a switch on it.

If you flip the switch, a lever appears from inside the box and flips the switch back, undoing all of your hard work.

You know, like life!

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