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Trailer Park Boys Dope Shirt

Trailer Park Boys Dope Shirt

The state of politics in America has literally reached the point where an extremely poorly educated (and fictional) Canadian pothead and criminal could stand a reasonably good shot at becoming President if they entered the race right now.

How ’bout it, America? Would you vote for Ricky from Trailer Park Boys if he ran for office?

You can bet your sweet ass marijuana would be legalized in the first 24 hours of his presidency!

Someone already went and made up a nice little campaign image for Ricky, placing him inside Obama’s famous “HOPE” artwork and changing one little letter to make it read “DOPE” instead!

This is the shirt you’ve been waiting for, America!

This is the shirt we need right now!

Do it for our country! For our freedoms!

And do it for all the little cute kitties!

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