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Bok Choy Pillow

Bok Choy Pillow

Other cabbages must hate bok choy, right?

Regular cabbages are all stupid and round. Even a perfect head of napa cabbage is just like a stretched out head of regular cabbage. But bok choy is all like “oh do you think the very bottom of my slender stalk looks fat today? idk” and “ugh, I swear I can never do anything with my beautiful, thick leaves when it’s humid like this” and it’s all got to be just so annoying for other cabbages. If bok choy was a high school girl then it would be the prettiest girl in school who’s also nice so you can’t hate her.

Anyway, someone else out there also recognized the superiority of bok choy because they made these totes adorable bok choy pillows. Yeah, that’s a pillow the girl in the picture is holding. Hyper-realistic printing technologies make it possible to recreate the look of a nice bok choy in pillow form!

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