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Cake Pop/Donut Hole Maker

Cake Pop/Donut Hole Maker

Donuts and cakes are amazing but it’s also way too easy to eat way too much of them and then feel sick. That’s one reason why donut holes and cake pops are so great: portion control!

Another reason? Less mess! Whether you’re making doughnut holes or cake pops (the difference is subtle), just stab one with a stick and pop the whole thing in your mouth at once. No sticky fingers!

Nostalgia Electrics are well-known for manufacturing great food and beverage machines that make it easy to recreate snacks, desserts and drinks we love at home. This cake pop and donut hole maker can bake 11 treats at a time and it even comes with cake pop sticks and a decoration/injection syringe for getting very creative with the insides and outsides of your desserts!

Want one?


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