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Cocktastic Coloring Book

Cocktastic Coloring Book

An instant classic of the adult genre of adult coloring books: it’s Cocktastic!

Boasting “artistic willies” to help you maintain “extreme mindfulness,” you can beautify these phalluses with crayons or colored pencils or smashed makeup mixed with your own saliva – whatever you want!

These aren’t just any old dicks, either. Okay, some of them are. But there are also such famous schlongs included as Michelandelo’s David, Roman winged penises (the Romans were weird), Bhutanese knob dragons and floral phallic collages like the one shown on the cover there.

Look, no matter how popular it might be, adult coloring books are already a little strange. Plus, you were probably just coloring to have something to do while you thought about dicks anyway, so you might as well bite the bullet, get this book and color some dicks!

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