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Cheeseburger Leggings

Cheeseburger Leggings

Burger time just got a lot more comfy!

It’s honestly the greatest thing that leggings (okay, yoga pants) have become insanely popular in the past few years because, real talk, it’s basically like walking around in public wearing pajamas. This is the progress we need in the world – maximum comfort becoming the trendiest of fashions!

So next time you’re headed down to the local burger joint to do some serious work on their glorious menu, you know that pants to wear, right?

These cheeseburger stretch leggings are the attire for the job!

The stretchy fabric blend is lightweight and has the “give” you’ll be craving after you orally impregnate yourself with a big ol’ burger baby! Also did we mention the eye-catching realistic graphic of a thick burger all up on the design?

Ah, you probably noticed that part…

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