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Led Zeppelin Mug

Led Zeppelin Mug

Millions of kids learned of Led Zeppelin this month, when their parents freaked out over one of their favorite bands releasing a new album that’s going to be a cover of an old album by Led Zeppelin. That band? Train.

Since nobody under the age of 25 has any reason to know who the band Train is, do yourselves a favor and don’t find out. What’s important here is Led Zeppelin. And what’s important about Led Zeppelin here is that you go and listen to the first album they put out, in 1969, because it is everything that is everything about the genre of Rock & Roll music.

This coffee mug is the cover of that first album. After you rip your mind wide open with the music of Led Zeppelin’s first self-titled record, you might as well order this coffee mug and use it every day because, congratulations, you’re now an honorary senior citizen!

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