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Flexible Phone Charger Stand

Flexible Phone Charger Stand

An extremely durable phone charger cable that also serves as a convenient stand for hands-free reading and watching?

Are you serious?

Is this even real life right now?

Every phone should ship with these cables because the ones they send out with their phones right now are a joke. Good luck getting three months of use out of them before they start falling apart!

This cable is wrapped in military-grade nickel-plated steel, so it can take much more of a beating than regular chargers. That’s great and all but what makes this charger amazing is that it doubles as a stand! The material is flexible enough to be positioned just the angle¬†you need it and rigid enough to hold itself up in that position!

It’s perfect for keeping your phone held up while working at a desk or following instructions to prep a meal or just watching some videos.

Check it out!

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