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Chain-Reaction Pong Ball Launchers

Chain-Reaction Pong Ball Launchers

A fun and unique toy for everyone who gets a kick out of cause-and-effect playing out right before their eyes!

For fans of games like Mousetrap, YouTube videos of Rube Goldberg machines, target practice dunk tanks at the fair and any sort of chain reaction, domino effect-type activities, it’s Bing Bang Bounce!

Okay, so, imagine you’re at the fair, throwing baseballs at a bullseye to try and make this stupid clown get dunked in a tank of water. Except when you finally do hit the target, it doesn’t dunk the clown but instead launches another baseball at another bullseye and so on and so on!

That’s kind of what this is like but you’re using ping pong balls and nobody gets dunked in a tank at the end. But you could make a bet with your friend that he has to pour water on his head if your setup works correctly and the final ball lands in the victory cup!

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